What people are saying about us

What people are saying about us...

Very affordable, no hidden fees, easy to use

I have looked for a product like this for my elderly father in law for quite some time but most of the products are either very complicated and too hard for him to figure out or very expensive. I decided to give this product a try after reading all the positive reviews and have to say I am very pleasantly surprised. The product is very easy to use and very affordable at the same time. Great plus that there is no hidden or monthly fee's! Also we were very happy with the range it provides, we tested it out and it does range the whole 600 foot. Voice is very clear and understandable and overall a great product I personally believe every elderly person should have available in the house. I do have to mention that I did receive the product at a discount in return for my honest and completely unbiased review. In no way was my opinion of the product and review changed by the fact that I received the product at a discount.



Outstanding product-Buy with confidence

I received it yesterday. It was very easy to follow the directions. It took me about five minutes to have it working. It took a short time to have the pendant battery charged and then after inserting it in the pendant I pressed the blue button and I was immediately connected to a 911 operator. I explain that it wasn't and emergency, but I just wanted to check that the system works properly. It did everything it says it will do. I am very happy with this purchase because it gives me the piece of mind. It's worth every penny. NO OTHER SYSTEMS COME CLOSE TO THIS ONE.



5 out of 5 stars a blessing for folks caring for aging parents!

My mother lives with us and has an ongoing falling risk. She has a cell phone but forgets to keep it with her and then has issues operating it as she gets older. We have been looking at several of the medical alert systems but most want you to buy into a monthly service which will answer the phone for you. I don't need anyone else to answer the phone, I just want it to ring my phone directly so I can get some help for Mom. This system is perfect - the base unit plugs into any phone outlet in the house (I doesn't care if you have phone company service or VOIP - it just wants a ring tone). The pendant can be worn with a lanyard or via belt clip - in mom's case we went with the lanyard so its always around her neck. If she has a problem, she simply pushes the button on the front and it communicates to the base unit which calls my mobile. if I don't answer and press 5, it goes to the second number, which in our case is my wife. The third is the hospice hotline which is ready 7x24 for whatever mom needs. It can also dial 911, but in our case hospice covers everything so no need to involve 911. Very easy to set up - very simple instructions. If you have someone who needs this and have your own set of support folks engaged, go this route vs paying a monthly fee for someone else to answer the phone and call you or 911. Five stars all the way for a fantastic product!