Medical Alert System With No Monthly Fees

Medical Alet Systems With No Monthly Fees

Save you hundreds of dollars per year in fees. Life Link Response offers Monitored and No Monthly Fee Medical Alert Systems.  Check our Medical Alert Systems Options Here.

No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System - 600 Foot Range - 2-Way Voice Water Resistant Pendant.

- 2-Way Voice Pendant - Talk Through The Pendant

- No Monthly Fees, No Contracts, No Hassle

- Water Resistant Pendant works in the Shower

- Works in and Around Your Home, and in the Yard up to 600 Feet from the Base

- Plugs into your existing phone line, Regular, internet or VOIP

- Comes with 3 attachments, Wear as a pendant, on your Wrist or Belt

- Answer Incoming Calls through the pendant


- Very Easy to Program and setup in minutes

- Program up to 4 Phone numbers to call, friends, family

- 3 modes to select from, Call Friends Only, Friends and 911, Call only 911


How Does The Medical Alert System Work

Step 1 

When you need help, press the button on your 2-way voice pendant or wall communicator.  

Step 2

The system to start dialing the contact numbers you programmed into the system, starting with phone number 1. 

Step 3

If no one answers at phone number 1, the system will continue to dial phone number 2,3,4. If no answer the system will call 911, if that option is selected.

Step 4

When the contact (family or friend) answers the call, they will be asked to press 5 to accept the call or press 9 reject the call. If the press 5, they will be connected via the 2-way voice speaker on the pendant. 

Step 5

If its an actual emergency, and you need to call paramedics, just press 911 on your phone. The system will hang up and dial 911 via the system.

Once the emergency or test is over, the system will return back to standby mode.


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