EMD Certified Monitoring

Step One: Help is requested by pressing the button on the main unit or wireless waterproof button (wrist or pendant).

Life Link Response EMD Certified Monitoring Service

Step Two: The 24/hour Care Center Operator connects via the 2-way voice on the system and confirms the emergency.

Life Link Response Medical Alert System 24 Hour Monitoring Service

Step Three: An ambulance is dispatched, if needed, plus the agent notifies your front desk or nurse station based on your custom instructions.

Medical Alert System EMT Responds to Emergency Call - Life Link Response

EMD Certified Operators

How do Medical Alert Systems Work? All Life Link Response care center operators are EMD Certified. This means they go through rigorous training the same as 911 operators. Our Care Center is designed specifically to monitor medical alert systems, unlike other companies, our care center is not a converted burglar alarm call center. Our EMD certified attendants have attended a multi-day course, which is the same training course that 911 dispatchers receive. To qualify for the EMD course, the attendants must first be certified in CPR. The CPR and EMD certifications enable the attendant to recognize life threatening emergencies, including cardiac arrest, choking, heart attack, and stroke, and allow them to provide dispatch-specific emergency medical care instructions to subscribers waiting for an EMS response. Life Link Response EMD attendants are able to deliver an elevated level of care to subscribers with emergency medical needs that other response centers cannot, or will not provide. This is the Life Link Response advantage.

EMD Certified Monitoring Life Link Response Medical Alert Systems

Language Line Services

We communicate in your language. Life Link Response uses a translation service called Language Line Services. They are a translation service which provides translation for over 150 different languages.

Indicate your preferred language on your signup form.

For 20 Years, Language Line Services© has been the World’s Largest provider of Language Services. Language Line Services provides the seamless language services by investing in only the most skilled interpreters, translators and instructors. Through their interpreter hiring, testing, training, monitoring, and certification programs, they have established the highest quality interpreter standards. Language Line Services meets and exceed the rigorous American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for interpreter quality and training.